My main research activity revolves around the study of dynamical features of group actions on homogeneous spaces, directed towards applications ranging from geometry to number theory. Classical examples of geometric nature include the geodesic and the horocycle flow on the unit tangent bundle of hyperbolic surfaces. Typically relevant to arithmetic problems is the classification of measures invariant under the evolution of such systems, and the ensuing description of how trajectories distribute in the ambient space.

I’m also interested in various aspects of the interplay between dynamics and probability theory, notably in the investigation of statistical limit theorems in a number of different contexts, from spatial and temporal limit theorems for time averages along orbits of homogeneous flows, to large deviations properties of random walks on discrete structures.

For a closer look at the type of problems I have worked on so far, you may consult my papers below.

Articles and preprints

TitleJournalYearJournal versionPDFArXiv
The distribution of dilating sets: a journey from Euclidean to hyperbolic geometrysubmitted2023PDF
Large hyperbolic circles (with D. Ravotti)submitted 2022 PDFarXiv
Disjointness of higher rank diagonalisable actions on semisimple and solvable quotients (with M. Luethi)in progress2021


Large deviations for irreducible random walks on relatively hyperbolic groups 2021PDFarXiv
Large deviations for random walks on free products of finitely generated groupsElectron. J. Probab. 26, 1-22 2021journalPDFarXiv

Other publications

TitleTypeJournalYearJournal versionPDFArXiv
Temporal limit theorems for horocycle ergodic integralsAppendix to: Asymptotics and limit theorems for horocycle ergodic integrals à la Ratner (D. Ravotti) submitted2021arXiv

Here is the manuscript of my PhD thesis.